Dishes to request

Dishes Amount in grams Price in €
Steak "Dubočica" 
(grilled cheese, vegetable vegetables, bbq sauce, herbal kajmak)
250  13,50 
Ramsteak in the way "tagliata" 200  12,00 
Grilled beefsteak
(beef grill with roasted eggplant, courgettes and pepper, bbq sauce)
250  19,00 
Coated beefsteak with egg
(beef fillet with mushroom sauce, fried sponges and vegetables)
250  19,00 
Turkey file with mushrooms and cheese 200  8,50 
Vienna steak 200  7,00 
Fried cheese 200  6,00 
Risotto with mushrooms   6,00 
Noodles with three peppers and turkey in cream sauce   6,00 
Gnocchi with gorngozola   6,00 
Salad "Carica"
(lettuce, fried bread cubes, fried turkey, parmesan, American dressing, sweet chili)
Salad "Car" - bacon
(lettuce, diced bread cubes, parmesan, egg, baked bacon, American dressing)
Salad "Prince"
(leaf lettuce, beans, maize, cheese, ham, egg, yogurt dressing)