Grandpa's room

The completely renovated Grandfather's Room is designed for closing companies of up to 100 people.

It boasts an excellent sound system, a pleasant ambience and a dance floor where you can enjoy the live rhythms of the music performers.

To book Grandpa's room, call us on 051 60 60 80.


Shadow garden

Our large garden is often described by guests as a shady paradise of Ljubljana!

On hot summer days, you can enjoy a glass of cold beer here, watching the work of our barbecue master, who will prepare your lunch on the large outdoor grill.

Inside the inn

Inside the Dubočica Inn you will find a cozy ambience that combines tradition and modern elegance.

Our dishes


Pošljite nam sporočilo in z veseljem Vam bomo odgovorili v najkrajšem možnem času!